Private Party location.  Saucy Paint can provide two, large canvas drop cloths to protect carpet or floors if desired.  Saucy Paint cannot be held liable for damage caused by the negligence of the venue or by negligence of the host/hostess or attendees to a Saucy Paint event.  

​​​​​​​​​Q. What if I don't want my picture taken?

A.   It is typical for attendees (and the artist) to take pictures or selfies during a Saucy Paint event.  If you prefer not 

​​​​​​​Q. How much does it cost to attend a Saucy Paint Event?

A.  All of your painting supplies and equipment (canvas, paint, brushes, easels & professional artist instruction) 

    processed by PayPal.

  • Pay by phone ~ You may also reserve and pay by phone (575-446-3126).  Extreme care is taken to protect your personal information.  Immediately after processing, your credit card information will be shredded.
  • If attending a private event, BYOB should be discussed with the host/hostess to determine preferences.  The host/hostess accepts all responsibility and liability for service of alcohol at their private event.

​​​​​​Q.  Are Saucy Paint Events BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage)?

A.    New Mexico is not a BYOB state, therefore, outside beverages cannot be brought to Saucy Paint Partner Events

​​​​​​​​​Q. What do I have to do to be a Saucy Partner and hold an event at my establishment?

A.   Hosting a Saucy Paint Partner event costs you nothing.  All you have to provide is the space. 

If the location will accommodate a Saucy Paint event, a contract will be provided.  Once the contract is signed, the event and your establishment will be listed on Saucy Paint's website and promoted through social media. The more you promote your event, the more successful it will be.  It's a win-win!

​​​​​​​​Q. What do I have to provide for my Private Party?

A.   Saucy Paint has small table-top easels and floor easels.  Saucy Paint can provide up to four 6-foot tables

Q.  What do you do at a Saucy Paint event?

A.    A Saucy Paint event is a fully-interactive time to unwind and have fun in a social, group setting!  Professional     

​​​​​​Q.  What if I have to cancel my reservation?

A.    Cancellations made 7 days prior to the event date will receive a full refund of the individual/per person rate.

forced to cancel.  Your payment will be refunded in full.


often restrict children, but restaurants that serve alcohol allow children.  Remember that alcohol impacts adult  

behavior and children may be exposed to Saucy language or conversation.   

Private Parties:  Parents should consult with the host/hostess of the party to determine whether or not to have children in attendance.  If so, providing them with alternative entertainment is recommended to enhance the enjoyment of all Saucy Paint participants.  Children are welcome to paint at private parties, but the same price per person applies for children.

(such as restaurants, bars or wine rooms).  Our Saucy Paint Partner establishments offer great drink and food options for you.  All food and drinks at the event must be purchased from the venue, unless other arrangements are made and approved directly by the venue.

​​​​​​​​​Q. Is it safe to have a Saucy Paint Party in my home or business?

A.  Saucy Paint will make every reasonable effort to prevent damage to the Saucy Paint Partner venue or to the 

​​​​​​Q.  How do I pay and reserve my space?

A.    You can pay and reserve your space on the "Saucy Events"  page on our website.  Payments on the website are

 dark colors and bringing an apron, smock, or old t-shirt to protect your clothes.

Q.  Can I bring my kids?

A.    Well-behaved, mature children over age 10 may attend at venues where children are allowed.  For example, bars   

Q.  How long is a Saucy Paint event?

A.    A Saucy Paint event is usually 2 1/2 - 3 hours with one 15 min. break.  Please arrive early enough to get your  

Refunds cannot be given with less than 7 days notice, however, you may transfer your reservation to a friend or family member, or you may reschedule to attend a different Saucy Paint event in the future.  Please contact or call to let us know the new name of the individual who will be attending. 

​​​​​​Q.  Can I request a custom painting for my private event?

A.    Absolutely!  When you plan your Private Saucy Party, arrangements can be made for a custom painting

​​​​​​Q.  How many guests do I have to have to host a Private Saucy Party?

A.    Please see our "Private Party" page for our discounted group rates (which apply to Private Parties, 

(such as a logo, photograph, special theme, etc.)  There is an additional fee of $50 for the development of the painting and the lesson, however, the sample used during the event will be given to the client to use as desired (ex. gift for the guest of honor, a prize for a game, etc.)  

for use with table-top easels and up to 15 stools.  (Some hostesses choose to rent chairs for additional comfort.)  Saucy Paint also has up to 15 custom-designed floor easels and stools.  If you have more than 15 guests, a combination of floor and table easels can be arranged.  Saucy Paint provides the easels, canvas, paint, brushes, tablecloths & water cups.  

Q.  Can I have dinner with my friends before the Saucy Paint event?

A.   Please do!  In fact, we encourage it!  The more you patronize our Saucy Partner's business, the more likely there 

artist, Tiffanie Owen, will guide you step-by-step through a painting.  An alcoholic beverage is not required, but sometimes it helps!   (Some venues, may have age restrictions.  Bring your I.D.  Please inquire if kids will attend.) 

territory includes communities within a 2 1/2 hour drive of Lincoln, NM, but if you have a special request, it never hurts to ask!  Please e-mail for more details on your specific Saucy Paint event.

(Saucy Paint Partners (established business venues) who host an open Saucy Paint event are not charged travel fees).

Team-Building and Fundraising events).  The larger the group, the greater the discount.  The group rate applies even if you have less attendees than the price indicates.  The group rate for the 1-8 attendee group rate is $250+ tax whether you have 4 attendees or 8 attendees.  If the number of guests you are expecting is lower than the maximum allowed for the group rate, you might consider having attendees pay individually.

at a discounted group rate or allowing guests to pay individually.  If your party is an individual-pay event, the party will be listed on the website to allow online payment or you can call Saucy Paint to reserve your space by phone.

(The above applies to Team-Building Events and Fundraisers as well.)

Cash & check (with I.D.) are also accepted.  If paying upon arrival, you still need to reserve your space.

survive anything!)  Kids' parties involve a smaller canvas and easier painting.

Painting time during a kids' party will be shorter, so please e-mail for more info on your child's Saucy Paint Party.   

​​​​​​Q.  How far will Saucy Paint travel for a Saucy Paint Event or Private Party?

A.    Our Private Party page on this website lists travel fees for events outside of the business area.  Currently, our  

Q.  Is Saucy Paint for Women only?

A.    Absolutely not!  Men regularly attend Saucy Paint fact, Saucy Paint makes a great date night!

​​​drinks, food and get settled.  Because the painting is step by step, being tardy can hold up the group.   If you plan​ to have dinner before the event, please arrive at least an hour early to allow time to eat.  There will not be room at your painting station for an entree, however, you should have room for drinks and appetizers if you desire.

​​​​​​​​Q. Can I have my Saucy Paint Party outdoors?

A.    Absolutely!  Painting in the outdoors is even more therapeutic!  Remember, however, that inclement weather is

Some Saucy Paint Partners arrange drink or appetizer specials.  Please e-mail ( or call

(575-446-3126) to schedule an appointment to discuss the details and plan for your Saucy Paint Partner Event. 

​​​​​​Q.  What should I wear?

A.    We paint with school-grade acrylic paints which can stain your clothes.  Saucy Paint recommends wearing     

​​​​​​Q.  How will I know if a venue cancels a Saucy Paint event?

A.    Although this circumstance would be extremely rare, you will be notified directly by Saucy Paint if a venue is 

a risk.  Wind or breezes over 5 or 6 mph can make painting very difficult.  Every effort will be made to accommodate or reschedule the event should bad weather force a cancellation.  In the event of a weather event, when alternative arrangements cannot be made, the event will be rescheduled, but not refunded.  Saucy Paint cannot be held liable for loss or damage to personal property caused by weather.  

  • If scheduling a Private Saucy Party outdoors, you may want to devise a Plan B location in case the weather  is uncooperative.

group) or guest (if paid as an individual) a reservation for a future Saucy Paint Event.


will be more Saucy Paint Events at that venue in the future!   If you do want to eat, please ask the restaurant host or hostess where the painting class will be held and check in before you go to dinner so that we know you are present.  

  • ​​If you are the host/hostess of a Private Saucy Party, Team-Building or Fundraising event and have to cancel, your payment will be refunded with a $50 deduction to cover administrative and preparation costs.  Saucy Paint is happy to reschedule your event if you desire.

to be photographed during the event, please let the artist know and every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate your request.  A group photo at the end of the class is common and we hope you'll join us!  

​​​​​​​​​Q. Do I get a refund on my group rate for guests who don't show up to my party?

A.    Sorry, Saucy Paint does not refund for no-shows, however, we will be happy to give the host (if paid as a  

 are provided for $37 per person* (if reservation is prepaid through the website or by phone).  The price at the door

 is $40 (tax is included in the price).

*Drinks and refreshments are not included in the price.  Saucy Paint wants to keep the price down and allow all      attendees to have their choice of beverage.  Some people are just as saucy with a Dr. Pepper as with a glass

 of wine!  

*Discounted Group prices(not including tax) are available for Private Parties, Team-Building Events and Fundraisers.

​​​​​​Q.  How Do I pay if I'm attending a private Saucy Paint party?

A.    That will depend on the type of party.  A Saucy Paint Party Host or Hostess has the option of paying for guests

​​​​​​​​​​Q. Will Saucy Paint do a kids' party?

A.   Absolutely!  Your Saucy Paint artist was once a middle-school art teacher.  (If she survived that, she can