sau·cyˈ  (sôsē/)   adj.

1. bold and lively; sassy




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Here are some examples of my oil paintings...I hope you'll check out my fine art website at

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Watch your team bond, encourage, support and laugh together as they learn something new.


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Bring your friends and enjoy a night of creativity, food, drinks and fun! 

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Non-profit (501 c 3) organizations qualify for Saucy Fundraising parties to benefit their organization.

Private Parties

Saucy Paint is mobile!

 Your party comes to you!  Host a party at home,

at work, at church or in

the great outdoors.

What a difference a professional artist can make!

    Hi!  I'm Tiffanie Owen, the owner of Saucy Paint who will also lead you boldly and "saucily" through your painting.   Don't be nervous!  I will take you through step by step...and if you get stuck, I have the background to help you.  I have studied art my whole life, have a degree in Advertising Art & Computer Graphic Design and in 2011, I studied under Master Artist, Lou Maestas.  This past year, I taught art to 150 middle-schoolers, and if I survived that...I can survive a class of mildly tipsy adults!  (Disclaimer:  Alcohol is not required to have fun at Saucy Paint!  But it helps.)

    The paintings that we create at Saucy Paint are admittedly more advanced than what many paint-n-sip instructors teach...but I challenge you because I know you can handle it and I can get you through it!  Besides, wouldn't you rather end up with a painting that you're proud of than a painting that looks like 5,000 other paintings on Pinterest or Etsy?  Sure you would.  And even if you're not sure whether to hang your painting over the mantle or in the bathroom...I guarantee that you will have a great time at Saucy Paint.  

Come paint with me!  ~Tiffanie